saeco vienna digital -- how can I make better froth?

Recently upgraded from a Krups FNC2 to a Vienna Digital. The espresso is better, and as an automatic machine it is obviously cleaner and more convenient than my old krups. However, I consistently made better froth with the Krups using their simple "perfect froth" attachment on the steaming wand. Whereas with the Krups I could turn all of the milk in the pitcher into a dense froth, with the saeco (using the panarello) I get a more bubbly froth, and there is always a fair amount of liquid left at the bottom of the pitcher.

Any ideas?



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Jun 17, 2004
Houston, TX
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I have never been able to get great microfoam with a panarello. However, they do produce a decent grade foam with ease. I had a Krups as well, and it took a while to get used to the change. First, I recommend you store your steam pitcher in the frig to keep it cool. Make sure you pour the milk just before you are ready to steam.

Keep the wand high in the milk pitcher, and do not let it get too deep. The wand is designed to have an air outlet about 1/2 way up the wand to help with frothing. Make sure this does not get clogged.

Before you decide to steam again. Grab a cup of coffee and sit down to read this article.