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Apr 23, 2004
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Hi all, I have just got a San Marino 1 Group Espresso Maker. The body is all Stainless Steel with a Pressure Gauge and a hot water wand and a steam wand.
It has from left to right

Black steam knob - Red switch - Pressure Gauge - Red switch - Black water knob

I need help on how to post a picture here and I will show you the machine

I need help on the name or model number of it, I was told that for North America it is called San Marino and in Italy it is called something else ????

anyway I got it from an old Italian man today, he sold it to me for $50.00, Well I could not resist but he told me that it didn't heat the water anymore, so I have pulled it all apart and seen a few frayed wires which I will replace.

So a question to you all is, I found the heater and it has a thermostat on it as well, so I checked the resistance on the thermostat and my checker thing beep's and reads nothing, so that must be ok... and I check the heating coil thing and the reading starts at 1.600 and slowly rises 1.623 1.647 all the way up to 1.999 and then my reader blanks out, all the time with no beeping, Does this mean that the heating coil is NO GOOD ?

Do you know anywhere that i could order parts, or web sites that display this model or San Marino model's

My Yahoo ID is sporttrac2004

please help I need Espresso :cry:

Thanks all