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Mar 21, 2006
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If your just getting into the coffee business or already a seasoned professional then your in luck. I have some great audio CD's available for sale from last years conference. They average about 60-90 minutes in length and extremely helpful as it features respected leaders in the coffee industry. Below are a few of some of these great sessions with industry leaders.

Technically Speaking - Coffee & Espresso Equipment Care

Using the right technical tools to acheive quality in Direct relationships.

Making sure your label is compliant with the national organic program.

Roasting Equipment Maintenance

Using alternative processing methods

Tasting the roast- Common Roasting Defects

Effective Short Training for wholesale customers

Equipment selection and services

Coffee tasting with Ken Davis

Descriptive Cupping: Tasting Terminalogy

Community Involvement/ Cause Related Marketing

Community Involvement/ Building relationships

Hiring Smart: Why you should look once, twice, three times before hiring.

Available on CD for $9.95 each or all 13 for $99.95. If interested, email me at [email protected]