Selling: Ambex YM-2 Coffee Roaster


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Feb 14, 2006
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We bought this Ambex coffee roaster in unknown condition.
· We designed and built a new fan and added a new fan motor that increases airflow. This modification is critical on these Ambex roasters.
· We modified the burner and installed a new pilot and nozzles for more even flame propogation.
· We cleaned internal ducting and cooling pan. We verified all SS bolts were in good condition and replaced as needed.
· New thermocouple installed and calibrated to verify accuracy of bean probe.
This roaster would be great for someone looking to start coffee roasting, we help many new coffee roasters and can answer any questions you might have about getting started and other necessary equipment.

This roaster is now fully functional on natural gas and 110v/60hz power. We can send you more photos, do a video chat, or talk on the phone. Experience rebuilding many types of coffee roasters with customers in many areas of the world.

Please PM any inquiries or questions.

$6250.00 unshipped. The item is crated and ready for international shipment if needed.

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