Senseo 7850 pads...

A Senseo doesn't use coffee filters because frankly it doesn't need them. The Senseo is a pod machine and therefore it uses coffee pods. Pods are single served pre portioned pack of coffee grounds. All you do is place the pod in your machine, and press what size you would like and in less then 2 mins you get your cup of coffee. And clean up is a breeze. All you do is open the machine and place the used coffee pod in the trash. I use my Senseo on at least a weekly basis and its a good switch sometimes from the Keurig (which I also have) If you need help finding coffee pods, or want to find the perfect flavor let me know. Some grocery stores sell them but truth be told they only give you a choice of 3 (if your lucky) I buy my pods online because I get a bigger selection to choose from. Plus the site I use sells both K Cups and pods among other things so it is easier just to buy them all at the same time. I'm new to this form so I don't know if I'm allowed to put the website but you can always email me if you'd like it :mrgreen:

Hope this helps =]
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Thanks for your answer!
Tha fact is that I want to use my ground coffee instead of pods (I heard that DouweEgberts pods are bad). So, I ordered a - so called - "permanent filter". I put in my ground coffee and put it in the "2 cups" pod holder. The result is a very tasty coffee! The only problem is that I can't prepair two cups at a time.. I 'm waiting for another solution I ordered, the coffeduck which I hope will let me have two cups at a time.
Hey, I just found out about this "coffeeduck" too, and I really hope it works.

i found a youtube video where a dude recommends it, and shows how it works:

i understand that you have the senseo latte select machine (7850)

i'm thinking about buying this and the coffeduck.

but it costs about twice the price of a standard senseo machine

Is the milk done in a special way, that you can't do yourself, by warming it up in the microoven and using a small electric milkswhipper?

because that is really the only thing that differents it from a standard senseo machine, as i see it.