Siphon Bar at caffe d'bolla is UP


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Do you have a dedicated person manning the siphone bar or do you have the barista doing both espresso and siphone drinks? I have seen pics here and at coffeed but can you describ a bit on set up and operation. For example how close are you to hot water source and sink. And how do you hand wash the glass or they are durable enough for dish washer? Lastly, how durable is the beam heater unit and the halogen bulbs?

John P

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Jan 5, 2007
Salt Lake City
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1. One good Barista can do it all.
2. Hot water next to siphon area. We use the Zojirushi hot water dispenser(s). The closer to boiling water, the better.
3. Complete sink set-up is not where we want yet. Sink is maybe 15' away now.
No big deal to walk down and rinse out siphons and filter.
4. Always hand wash. Even the busiest siphon bars we've been to in Japan hand wash. Of course, once the sink is closer... it is much easier. :grin:
5. Beam Heater is made for commercial use. We've been using a single one since the beginning of the year and have three set up now that the bar is complete. Should get 2000 hours before you need to replace any bulbs.
We haven't needed to replace any yet.