small electric roaster


New member
Mar 6, 2006
I recently purchased a small (2#) electric roaster to roast for our shop. I'm wondering if any on this forum has experience roasting with an electic roaster? I like it, it seems well made and I am (I think :!: ) getting pretty tasty roasts.

any hints or observations about roasting small and electric?

Cafe Caffeine

New member
Mar 7, 2006
Cambridge, Mn
I have a small electric for my shop as well, (5#), and I really enjoy it. My best advice would be to WATCH YOUR TEMP!! Electrics are known for their inconsistency; however, you have the control. Good Luck!


New member
May 13, 2005
If you are serious then you should do some research on PID'ing your roaster. There is plenty of info on the web for the why and how. Basically, one of the main reasons an electric would be considered inconsistent in its heat delivery is because the installed controls allow for too much temp variation. A PID from eBay could cost as little as $35 brand new. And a thermocouple for temp sensing on your roaster can be quite cheap as well. If you spend a little extra on the PID that can allow you the opportunity to program roast profiles for your machine as well. Basically, solid state control is better than a mechanical control. Hope that helps.

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