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Jan 28, 2004
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Smiles Coffee - don't order!

I fell for the inexpensive trial offer and wish I had NOT. They are putting through unauthorized charges to my credit card now. I called them to cancel shipments completely after receiving my trial offer. I was on hold for a VERY long time. They will not accept cancellations via e-mail and they do NOT answer e-mail, even though they SAY they do. My credit card company is removing the unauthorized charge - but everyone should beware of Smiles Coffee. They have horrible service. Oh, and their so called coupon program is a scam too. I tried to send in some of their coupon certificates and they were sent right back to me, saying all of the coupons had EXPIRED! That was part of the trial offer I sent for. No camera, just an offer to get a lot of manufacturer's coupons. The coupons apparently don't exist.