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Sep 16, 2006
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Looking to expand my offerings and have some questions/concerns.

1) on "smoothies" I'm currently using the JetTea line. Love the taste and texture, as do my customers, but they don't have the greatest or most extensive product line.

Anyone have any other suppliers? Have tried Dr. Smoothie. Not real thrilled with the taste. Prep takes too long, as you have to measure your ice, mix and water (JetTeas are just ice and mix). My exception to Dr S. is the Pineapple.... Now that one is good!!!!!!

For those of you that do offer Fruit Smoothies, how many offerings do you have available? What are some of the best sellers? For me my best is Jet Teas APB. Supposed to be seriously healthy, I push that and can also charge a premium on it. (Ok, it also helps that the Queen of afternoon talk-shows has had the Acai on her show, and I promote that fact, too...)

2) Powdered mixes. Do you all use them? For anything other than Hot Coco, and I'm getting away from it there, it seems like such an unprofessional means of making a drink. It looks like one is making a variation of commercial KoolAid... To us, it just doesn't appear professional.

Most of the concoctions that I make that seem to be the staple of the dry mixes, I make fresh, with the various ingredients. Thoughts, ideas????

Thanks all......