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Apr 4, 2004
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Hello Fellow Coffee Roasters!
I just wanted to drop a line to let you all know about a new development in coffee roasting. I have created the very first solar-powered coffee roaster. It is completely off the grid, powered only by a solar panel, and the sun.

Check out
for more information. I would be happy to answer any questions! You should all try this coffee, it is completely aroma roasted, and you can taste the slow roast.
how slow is slow? I think I have read your site before(its down right now so I can't be sure) If you roast coffee too slow it will get a "baked" flavor...does yours?
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Slow meaning 20min

Roast speeds are generally 20min. But times are lowering with new changes to drum design, and insulation. My original roaster had a slight baked taste (roast time was 35min) but that has been eliminated.

My site isn't down now, not sure why it was before....
Nice job, but they've been using a solar cooker in Kenya to roast for years. You might want to research that before you make the "very first" claim.

I'm going to search some myself...I remember a web site with a picture of a guy standing over a 1970's vintage wok-like solar cooker, stirring coffee beans as they roasted.

I looked at your web site...are you selling the roaster or just the baked beans?
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The solar-cooker being used in Africa is not a specific-built coffee roaster. What we have here is the very first Solar Coffee Roaster. Its not a solar oven, which is like cooking coffee on a skillit. Our drum roaster enables a consistant roast...not baked (lol).

And we sell the beans online at our store just click 'purchase'
Solar Cooker, how do you keep all those little mirrors aligned with the sun throughout the day? what do you do with a week of drizzly skies? do you get those where your at? is this just a neat backyard trick or are there plans for making more of these things?

just some questions.
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No Winter in the Mojave

The Roaster's 144 mirrors are all individually aligned to the sun. Throughout the roasting process the entire dish rotates to track the sun, and enables constant heat.

As for clouds, and overcast days, I am currently in the process of scouting the Mojave Desert in Southern California for some land to move to. This will enable year-round roasting. There are currently plans being drawn for higher powered roasers with 30-40lbs capacity to keep up with the high demand. So this is a little more then just a backyard trick. It is neat though!

how much do they run? Why not just buy a roaster...I can understand using a gimmick if the market was flooded...but it isn't there yet...just curious
This all sounds pretty cool, but way above my simple head 8) How do you maintain this roaster? Do you have to clean each of those mirrors, and how often do you clean it. Now correct me if I'm wrong, put doesn't solar work even if the sun is not out? And what about the moon, doesn't it throw off some sort of solar powers as well? Well enough, I have to go roast on my non-solar roaster right now 8)