SOLD: Huky 500T - Used 1 Time!!

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Sep 27, 2018
Nashville, TN
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We are a small roasting operation (15kg, 5kg, and sample roaster) that purchased a new Huky 500T a few months ago to be our sample roaster. We worked directly with Kuanho Li in Taiwan to get it. He was very helpful and easy to work with.

Since then, we've decided to go a different direction with our sample roasting, so this little guy is up for sale! We literally ran one roast on it after finally setting it up months after ordering. It worked fine and we ran the K-Type probes through a Phidgets logging with Artisan just to verify reads and run a test roast.

It was setup for natural gas but can easily run propane.

It's a beautiful machine, literally like new. Here is the list of things ordered from Li:

500T 72rpm solid drum-------------1220 USD with quick connect.
ir stove-------------------------------------99 USD Natural Gas
Exhaust hood-----------------------------49 USD
Extra probe for MET--------------------18 USD
Center 301---------------------------------78 USD
USB Cable---------------------------------24 USD
Shipping-----------------------------------196 USD

Total-----------------------------------------1684 USD

Our total cost to purchase was $1684, which included shipping (above was our itemized pricing from Li). Shoot me an offer! We are in the Nashville TN area and can ship, or you can pickup! Thanks!

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