SOLD: La Spaziale Dream T and Fiorenzato F4 Grinder, less than 1 year old.

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Dec 1, 2016
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Fantastic Italian espresso machine and grinder combination - less than 1 year old and still under warranty until March 2018. A great combination whether you want programmed one-touch simplicity or want more manual intervention, it makes perfect espresso and has fantastic steam power for milk foaming.

Selling as I am leaving the USA and moving to a country with a different voltage. I need to sell them by December 30, but if you're quick you can have them ready for Christmas!

The grinder also has programmable timer settings for single, double or manual dosing, so you can grind a consistent amount of coffee every time.
Comes with all accessories - Cafelat tamper, tamping mat, knock box, two milk jugs, single and double portafilters.

Things I love about the combo
- Programmable on-off timer built in so the machine is always warm when you wake up.
- The grinder is terrific - very consistent, fast and low-mess.
- Once you program the coffee grind time and shot volume you will have fantastic espresso with only two button pushes, and no need to watch or time the extraction.
- Steaming is super easy (especially with the included Toroid jug) and only takes about 15 seconds for a latte or cappucino. Dual boilers mean this can be done simultaneously with the espresso. You can easily make a perfect coffee in less than a minute.
- Dual PIDs allow you to set the perfect temperature for the group head and the steam boiler separately.

La Spaziale Dream T espresso machine.
1 Group
AV \ Auto-Volumetric
Group boiler (0.45 liter)
Steam boiler (1.2 liter)
1 Stainless steel steam arm
1 Stainless steel hot water spigot
Reservoir (2.4 liter)
Vibratory Pump
15 Amp \ 110 Volts
Black panels

Fitted with pre-infusion add-on

Selling for $2000 (negotiable), located in New York City, USA. Postage can be arranged.


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Hello Mjoyce,

Please post a message here when each of these items are sold. It probably would have been better if you had listed them separately, but since you're trying to sell them as a package deal, I guess it's okay.

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