Some beans are not suitable to be used in coffee machine?

Ben Leung

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Apr 15, 2004
Sydney Australia
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The description on some packed beans from supermarket stated suitable for coffee maker and plunger (not mention coffee machine). I wonder if it is true as I understand the brewing method is determined by the ground fineness.

Correct me if I am wrong: all commercial coffee beans can be used in coffee machine if it is ground correctly, all commercial beans can make espresso and just a matter of different taste and aroma.

Indeed you are right Ben. Basically any whole bean can be ground accordingly to be used in anything from a plunger/french press to a home or commercial espresso machine. The grind is all important...pretty tough to use preground espresso machines in the old will end up damaging the plunger screen/mesh.

However the beans- the blend, the roast are also important. Extraction methods bring out different characteristics in the finished coffee. For instance an espresso blend of beans may not be as pallatable in your wise the espresso extraction process of a single origin bean may not bring out all the favourable attributes of that bean!