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At the Coffee and Tea Show Toronto two weekends ago, a steamy (sorry) topic of conversation was water quality and coffee. I took keyboard in hand and wrote a blog about it. Since many here are certainly more knowledgeable than I, thought I would bring the topic here and letterrrip...
"Don’t Drink the Water and Don’t Breathe the Air"

Check it out and feel free to add!



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Aug 14, 2003
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"moose poop" niiiiice!!! I enjoyed your blog...but have to say that coffee does taste better if the water is pure. There is a bagel..well let me take that back..a water company that specializes in bagels and coffee. They serve our coffee there and I must say it tastes the best there. Here is a link to their biz. Keep an eye out for them because they are about to explode!!


Be a part of a new quick serve concept that has a differentiator from all competitors in the restaurant industry – a proprietary 14 step water treatment technology system that replicates Brooklyn water anywhere in the world. Here’s why you need to be a part of The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. team:

How original is that? I thought it only came from Brooklyn?

OK, so I want one in Moose Poop Ontario.


And here is exactly my point... how does this help me when I make coffee at home, buying my coffee online or at the grocery store?


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Jul 16, 2004
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Lisa, I was in SCAA show a few years back and stopped by Cirqua's table. They had the same coffee brewed in water with different degrees of hardness, once I tasted these cups it was very clear that very hard and very soft water do not make good coffee. I tend to get lost when folks take about TDS and reverse osmosis, but taste is something I can relate to. Cirqua will test coffee shop's water for free and of course try to sell the shop its system. For home users, some bottled water have TDS printed on their label, look for 100 PPM (parts per million) for brewed coffee and 50 PPM for espresso. You can buy a few brands and cup the same coffee with different water and see which works for your coffee and recommend that particular brand to your customers. This is my understanding which is very rudimentary.

coffeeloverlisa said:
I tell them to use one scoop of coffee for each cup of water
You might want to suggest a coffee weight to water volume ratio. I use 22 grams of coffee to 12 (American) ounces of water. When my customers asked me, I always tell them to get a gram scale and a measuring cup. I also point them to web sites where they can buy a Technivorm brewer. I know it can be off putting, but it is more precise. In my shop, everything is measured, good, bad or indifferent, things are consistent.


Just got TWO Techni Vorms, one for home and one for cottage and you are 100% right. And Poul Mark, who sells them here in Canada at, also recommends forget the spoon, measure coffee by weight! SO bang on advice.

I still think we have to assume that folks at home use tap water, and I certainly do. To ad bottled water to my coffee budget would really make Matthew mad.

100% true what can I tell ya.



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Dec 26, 2009
We really like the Technivorm it is well worth the money. It is nice to have a fresh cup made from this coffee maker.
Recently it came to my attention the Hario V60. And I've got to tell you when you have some time to make a single 12 ounce cup (we use 26 grams for this) it makes the best cup I have had. And a relatively inexpensive to purchase.



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Jan 27, 2011
I would agree that the coffee taste does depend on the water quality. I have great water at my place, but I have been places that do not have good water. You can definitely taste it in the coffee. Use a filter if you need to, or buy bottled water.