Specialty Coffee Market - Including Organic



I figured the folks on here are probably the best people to ask this question - hopefully I'm posting this to the correct area. What, in your opinion, is the current/future market for restaurants/hotels/cafes, etc to add specialty - including blends/imported/organic/environmentally friendly coffee to their menus. There seems to be a rapidly growing market for these types of coffees, but yet most restaurants/hotels, etc have very simplistic coffee related menus. Seems it would be a win/win to add these types to their menus, adding to the overall dining experience while increasing revenues -but most do not have the time/knowledge to do/manage this.

Any thoughts?

I appreciate any feedback.




Mar 7, 2003
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I've seen advanced coffee menus at some of the restaurants I’ve been to with full pages devoted to coffee in the drinks menu. But I do agree with you, many fall short on this feature, I think it has something to do with the restaurants commonly changing who their coffee suppliers are and what brand they buy.

If you could spend a few minutes to talk to the management, or send a e-mail to the restaurants management you could help them in knowing what you're looking for especially if your a common patron at their establishment. A simple e-mail letting them know you’d like to see more specialty coffees available would be fine enough, recommended kinds of coffee could help the uneducated with it. Even offering your expertise in the matter free of charge could accommodate both your needs and their business ventures.