Specific Layout question re: blenders


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Jan 23, 2005
Oklahoma City
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Hello all, I haven't been active on these forums for a while now, but I am in the process of laying out my new shop, and I was hoping to get some advice on the blending station. I have seen in the past a few cafes where the blenders were built into the counter, and were lowered by about a foot or so, so that the top of the blender was level with the surface of the counter--basically, the front edge of the counter was lowered to create a ledge just for the blenders. It looked interesting, but I was wondering if anybody had experience with this setup, and what advantages/disadvantages it offered? I can see that it would restrict the blenders to a specific space, so they wouldn't take up a large section of the counter, but are there other less obvious benefits? I can't find a picture of what I am describing, so I am hoping that at least some people will understand what I am talking about. Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.



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Jun 29, 2004
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Here's my opinion - try a portion blending system. If you will do a fair volume in blended drinks, it's well worth the investment. They cost about $2000 new, but we bought a used one from ebay for about $750. Our location in our local hospital does about 25-40% of daily sales in blended drinks depending on the weather. They save a lot of time and are very accurate when used correctly.


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Oct 18, 2004
Portland, OR
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I know that Blendtec Smoother blenders can be fit into any counter top. I have seen a few shops with them built in ... I imagine there are pros and cons to this set up.

Pros (in my estimation): stability for blending, decreased counter space ... no visible cords or plugs.

Cons: I imagine you risk having more noise if the blender is not install right, accessibility may not be as easy ...

Here is a photo of a Blendtec Home blender, but I am also confident that the commercial ones have the same ability.

- Matt