Starbucks Barista Espresso Machine


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Jul 18, 2004
Saskatoon, SK
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There isn't a link for us to look at.

I suggest getting a machine WITHOUT the pressurized PF, which the Saeco machines and the Barista has. These are the weak link on the barista: they produce frothed coffee, not crema.

The few dollars more you might spend on a Gaggia is worth it. Or if you are a long term, best bang for buck, a Rancilio Silvia. That would last you a long long time. Make sure you budget for a grinder, and look to spend at least 150. If the cost of these machines seem high, you can order your coffee from and roast it on a popcorn popper and save money, thus justifying the expense. The plus is that the coffee you roast off a popper is most often 10x better than, say starbucks, cos Starbies is usually three weeks old before it gets to their stores. Fresh coffee is amazingly better, so long as it isn't overroasted.

Best of luck with your shopping!