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Jul 17, 2007
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i've learned a lot in only one day's worth of reading many of the posts here, but wonder specifically about buying an at-home espresso machine in starbucks - is it worth it? how can i simply make a great cup of coffee or espresso at home? my senseo is not doing the trick! i have for years just been drinking coffee, refusing to believe that it makes a difference where you get it - but now i am starting to see the light! this crap at home is just that! it seems (from what i've read here) that maybe i should start with a french press before investing in a more costly machine - but when i do make that investment - where do i turn? thanks so much!


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Jul 24, 2007
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My wife worked for Sbux for a number of years, and we have owned three Baristas. They are a decent home coffee machine and we were happy with the results, though not as good as you can get in a good coffee shop.

We upgraded to a $1300 super automatic from Sbux, but we got it on sale with my wife's discount for about $550. It made worse coffee than the Barista, and it broke in four months. We returned it.

We then bought a Pasquini Livea 90 Auto for around $1300 and we were soooo excited. It made great espresso with lots of crema, and it would steam milk soooo very fast. After about six months it started making really crummy espresso. It comes out dark and with very little crema. I need to see if I can get warranty service on it...

If you are on a limited budget, a steel cased Barista from Sbux will make good espresso. We also tried some of their cheaper machines and did not like them. We were always able to buy Baristas for around $175-$225 due to sale prices and my wife's discount. I'm not sure what machines they offer now, or what the cost is...

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