Starbucks Credit Card


Mar 7, 2003
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Wow this morning when I saw this I spit up my coffee laughing. It is a fun looking card and it is a starbucks visa credit card

Two remarkable cards in one The Duetto™ Card is a Visa credit card and a Starbucks Card all in one. That means you can use it as a Visa credit card everywhere that Visa credit cards are accepted. And you can use it as your reloadable Starbucks Card in most Starbucks locations. Either way you use it, your new Duetto™ Card is a fast, secure and convenient way to simplify your day.

If I were a starbucks drinker I may get the card but for chainstores I prefer The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stores. Your cash back reward isn't cash it is 1% of all sales loaded on your starbucks card which is built into the credit card, so it works out to be free coffee :)

If you signup for the credit card reply here and let us know. Just courious what kind of things work to see how many people get a starbucks credit card. :) You know if you are a starbucks drinker which I do often drink you spend a lot of money on coffee and could save a few dollars each year, hundreds depending on your drinking/spending rates. :)


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Sep 8, 2003
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Ha! Just what I need!

Another reason to drink coffee- 'cause it's "free!" The problem with Starbucks for me these days, is that they are so ubiquitous, I tend to seek lesser known coffees for the sake of novelty and adventure! Not sure I'd wanna be locked into them 'cause I have the card! Guess I'll be stickin' with my Stockback card, as long as the market stays decent, if less than honest!