Starbucks vs. Walmart


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Jun 29, 2004
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I live in a fairly small midwest town where we have 1 SuperWalmart. In the past 1+ years Walmart has been really trying hard to open a second location. The major discussion revolved around running out the local small business and employee wages and bebefits. It was incredible the amount of media time given to opponents of Walmart and they, in fact, managed to nix the location that Walmart was going after. I myself an not a huge Walmart fan, but found it interesting that the majority of loud opponents were some of the more wealthier folks in town. I'd say about 80% of our area lives on a budget and for them, Walmart is a real savings for them.
That being said, I find it so ironic that not one word has been said either for or against Starbucks opening their 5th location in a town of about 65,000. Where's all the uproar about the locally owned coffee shops being challenged by corporate giant Starbucks? I have no problem with Starbucks as a company - in fact I've actually had people interview with me for a position and I've suggested that they give Starbucks a try - for example, a single Mom who needs benefits. I'm not in a position to compete with Starbucks when it comes to employee benefits.
So, what's everyones opinion on this topic? I've thought about contacting our local paper for a story on this topic -- but am concerned about sounding like a whiner!
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Apr 4, 2006
Austin, Tx
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Hypotheticaly the "problem" people have with Wal-mart is that they run out several different types of businesses and this is especially true of the super-walmarts. The wealthy block them because they increase traffic thus driving down property values and on a more cynical note it brings the poor to them when they paid a lot of money to house themselves in areas where they would not have to see or deal with "their" problems.

Starbucks is different in that all they offer is coffee and they do not by any means undercut anyone in price. They succeed by name and convenience. Before you go to the papers you should ask yourself how many diners got pushed out by the McDonalds or Wendy's in your area? While I much prefer the feel and community that small merchants provide the fact of the matter is I am poor and will sacrifice those things if it means I get a noticable savings. Luckily I save money by not going to Starbucks.