starting a christian cafe in edmonton wanna help?badly nided


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Oct 15, 2007
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hi guys,

im starting a christian coffe shop in the southside of edmonton. my friends(biz partners) and i are doing this not just for our own benefits but all for the glory of God, that we may be able to help hasten the spreading, in a more different way, of the word in such a multicultural society. My heart really had that desire to own my own cofi shop ever since i stepped in college(that was around ten years ago by the way). In the same way as i was growing to know God, he has continually touched me to join Him in His plans of reaching to more individuals spreading the good news. well, so now im joining both desires in a way that i might be able to return all the glory to God.

Im not really much of newbie on coffee. i used to be a small time barrista at a small coffee shop i worked before ... the only problem i have is the best problem we all have - capital ... well im trying to work that out right now with investors. But, i was wondering, if you''re commited to such a cause, maybe you could help... maybe you might want to donate ... or sumthin. well, lets talk bout it over coffee and see what God has in store for us....

Anyway, i was looking into coffee machines too, that''s were i really need help in... I know the basics of coffee business as i said, but i dont have ideas bout the machines and commercial equipments thats really good to start up a cofee shop ... after reading a few articles here and doing a short research, i''ve ended up planning to buy these...

for roating: a sonofresco coffe roaster - they''re u.s. based so i was wondering hu out there knows where i mgiiht be able to order here in edmonton or just around canda to save a little bit in shipping costs.

for espresso machines: an astoria divino maybe 2 or 3 sae :they''re canadian based but they sell over in us. i guess it really help if there was a place i might be able to acquire it here in edmonton ....

im sure you guys more more about these things than me so please please please feel free to comment upon my opinions ... i would really gladly consider all thoughts and would really sacrifice a lot to study about all your ideas ... If ur an edmontonian, or an albertan, or a canadian or a north american, or an earthling, maybe you currently own or previously owned a coffe shop and are planning to donate or sell ur equipments and furnitures ... or maybe u just have these machines sitting in your home. I reawlly thank God if u might be able to contact me ... Or you''re just really willing to give me info on anything, where what where to buy, how to do this and that , how to roast, how to brew , grind ,,, everything ... anything ...

or maybe even better, you would like to just donate a few dollars just so we might be able to be on the go as fasdt as possible... we assure you it will never be used for personal reasons

oh yes bythe way, like i said, by God''s grace if you''re commited to our cause, maybe u might be able to chat with me or talk personally, feel free to contact me too, i left my email public. I give you the priveledge of knowing me more personally by God''s grace.

please we need you''re help guys:) and i thank you so much in advance for the million replies in this matter. thanks thanks thanks

GOD BLEss you always coffe lovers :) ...