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Jun 15, 2003
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I want to start a coffee shop in my city and I’m wondering where I should start in the process. I’ve found real estate for the location already but now I’m not quite sure what the next step is. What is involved in starting a coffee shop, what route should I take to get this flying?

Has anyone else out there started a coffee shop? What did it take, how did it go during the first year? What drinks should I carry, what supplys do I need.. and so forth? Any tips are appreated!

Coffee Drink

I don't know if you're still looking for replies, but heres one. I am amused, however that we find ourselves in opposite situations. I have equipment and know exactly what to do, as it has been my dream for the past six years, however, I lack a location. Anyway there's a great book out there. It's called Espresso! By Joe Monaghan and Julie Sheldon Huffaker. It walks you through truely everything. Best of luck to you.
Hey about coffee...what do you do? I have read 3 posts of you and all you have spoken of is www corainc com is that your company or what?