Starting a Mobile Coffee Cart


I have just purchased a Fracino Dual Fuel 2 Group Coffee Machine and now looking for a the best grinder to accompany the machine. I have looked into lots of different ones but struggling to narrow it down and would love some advice or recommendations on grinders please? This is going to be for my new coffee and cake mobile business :)

Thanks in advance.
Depends on space available, intended use as in daily volume, etc. The rage these days is GBW (grind by weight), but I've had tons of use with a doser and never had a single issue with getting what I expected from that approach. There is no waste/retention with a dialed in doser and no you don't need to keep one relatively full for accurate dosing as you get a feel for what is needed per use. Also, stick with a quality brand as you generally get what you pay for in terms of performance and longevity.