still here, still hanging on.


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Mar 6, 2006
and saying hello. business is good, if challenging. new coffee supplier, I'm the baker now, so employees are towing the line, cause I'm there all the time, and I'm grouchy. for the most part, I do have to sleep. I am about to raise prices, change menu, to more trendy healthy foods. how many shop owners go absentee for a while?
Hey Lizzy, if you mean absentee from posting on coffeeforums...yeah it happens! Where I live internet access is about as advanced as communication around the time Eve was gossiping with the snake about the apple. So getting onto the net has been an issue. Just got myself a new 3g phone in Singapore, so access (from anywhere) is no longer an issue. I would love to think I am now in the same position as Topher,who has his laptop running as he roasts and posts at will :D


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Oct 4, 2007
Topher roasts while he posts. Roast & Post?
I also pop in a post here & there whilst baking biscotti. Toast & Post?
...........More like Blab & Bake. :D