strange turn of the steam frother on gaggia espresso machine


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Jun 23, 2004
birminghm, UK
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can anyone tell me what has happened to my gaggia coffee machine? the steam nozzle has turned to a 45 degree angle facing backwards. it normally faces downwards, and last time i used it, it functioned perfectly. i washed the plastic steamer things, pushed them back in place on the end of the nozzle as usual, and didn't touch it again - until i noticed a few days later the turn of the nozzle. no-one else in the house uses the machine which is on the bench in the kitchen - i feel as if i am in the twilight zone:
no matter which way you look at it, it cannot be turned back to the proper place, since the metal tube is very sturdy. it doesn't come out of its place - it came attached when i bought it new.
i can't steam any milk with it facing backwards like that, but worse, i can't understand how this came to be.
can anyone please please tell me if this has happened to their machine or whether they know what is going on? i'd like to fix it of course, but can't see how. for now - i just wanna understand[/b][/i]