Substitute for SB Gold Coast?


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Jul 10, 2006
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Hi! I'm new here and can tell I can learn a lot from you all!

Have been using Starbucks Gold Coast (whole bean, Rancillio espresso machine and grinder) for many years and like it pretty well but would like to find a substitute for it from a small roaster that I can feel good about.

Anyone familiar with Gold Coast? Starbucks calls it one of their three most bold blends (along with French Roast and Sumatra) but it is nothing like either of those. I don't really know what kind of coffee is in this blenc -- I think it is Indonesian -- anyone know?

We brew it as though it were espresso and drink with steamed/frothed milk.

Would appreciate any guidance --
SB's website mentions its a blend of "Indonesian and Latin American" coffee. Not having cupped it myself, its difficult to comment. For sure you should try some of your local roasters and see what they can deliver. Anything with North Sumatran (Lintong or Mandehling) is going to give you big, bold, sweet, earthy and somewhat currant-ie cup characteristics. If you find a roaster who blends with some central American Arabica- you should get a nice balanced blend with the body and sweetness of the Indonesian, combined with the nuttiness and aromas of the Central American arabicas.