Suggest Superauto for less than $800


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Dec 29, 2007
Well I just need a suggestion. First off, the story of my life, (or life story of my coffee, whichever you prefer). A month ago I bought a Baratza Virtuoso and a Gaggia Carezza. The Virtuoso has a bad timing knob and the Carezza leaks when it gets hot. So Problems from the get go. I am really sick of problems because this is my second machine (first was completely defective). Amazon has been completely helpful so nothing against them. Anywho, I am not a morning person at 5am before I go to school so I am thinking about getting a super auto where good coffee is just a couple clicks away. Plus, I mostly drink milk drinks. So If somebody can recommend a nice super auto for under $800 preferably much less.
I need...
-User friendly
-Not an Eye sore
-Normally making for 1 but needs the capacity to make for up to 5 on rare occasion
-Frothing wand that doesn''t have a crappy \"Turbo Frother Magigger\"
-Good Size Spent Grounds Bin
-Needs to work good
-Free of defects
All help is appreciated,


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Aug 14, 2003
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good luck for $800. I have a Saeco pretty good but you are looking around $1200. Good luck.


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Dec 29, 2007
Well, I have been looking around am currently I am looking at the Saeco Incanto Sirous. I have found it for $1100. Other than that I am really looking at the other Saeco machines in the $900 - $1500 range. Does anybody have expearance with these? I know, I doubled my budget but the cheaper the better.


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Sep 7, 2007
Bedford, TX
topher said:
good luck for $800. I have a Saeco pretty good but you are looking around $1200. Good luck.
I have the Saeco V'Spresso, for which I paid just under $800. I've seen it for as much as $1,000, but a persistent buyer can do much better.

I've had it for nearly a year and has done a good job. But a few weeks ago the internal "engine" got stuck and it's now being serviced/repaired... I miss it...



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Feb 20, 2008
I have a DeLonghi esam3300. I know their are other models but this was the cheapest.
After using this machine for the last 3 months I have not had any problems. I get consistent shots and the frothing is amazing. I paid under $800 at bed bath and beyond or linen and things. Both have coupons for 20% off on their web sites.
This is only my experience maybe others can comment on how it is working out for them.

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