Super Automatic Espresso Machines


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Sep 6, 2007
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I just got a used La Cimbali Super Automatic Espresso machine. I have no experience with this type of machine. I have always used traditional automatic machines. Normally a espresso shot takes approx. 20 seconds to pull. This machine is set up for approx. 10 second shots. I had always been told that too short the espresso is way underdeveloped and too long way overextracted. Do these rules apply to this or any Super Auto machine? Or is 10 second extractions the norm for this type of machine? I would aprreciate any help on this topic.


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Aug 11, 2004
Des Moines, Iowa
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I set all my M2's to pull shots between 20 to 30 seconds. The machine can pull a shot in 15 seconds and it will taste okay but it won't be the best the M2 can make.

Little adjustments can go a long way. Make sure you weigh your espresso and see if it's around 14 grams. My guess is your way to coarse and your not putting enough espresso in the chamber. If you look at the keypad configuration take note of what the MDS/MDX grinders are dosing. Say it 70 and your shot pulls in around 10 seconds. Twist the hopper handle to close the coffee chutes. Now make a few shots until it empty. Now lift the tab in the back and move it as far to the right as possible. Open the coffee chutes, and make 3 espresso's (I like to make double) and then weigh the 4th.

If its less then 13.5 grams then add 4 or 5 to the grinder and try again. Make sure you always grind 3 times after making an adjustment to the grind time. This will allow you to see the average amount dispersed. If you within a half a gram either way don't make any adjustments.

When you make adjustments to the espresso grind (coarser or finer) always throw away the first 2 or 3 grindings while in weighing section. This way the grinders will be able to clear out all the old espresso and you will have and accurate amount when you weigh it out.

The grinders are not 100% accurate so there can be as much as + or - .5 gram variance. A few other notes. There are 2 styles of M2's floating around one has a 44mm piston and chamber and the other is a 50mm. The 50mm will be the common one that you will see the most of. It was designed to pull doubles and triples while kind of sacrificing the single. The 44mm is great at pulling singles and doubles, but don't even try a triple. The 50mm can pack as much as 18 grams in the chamber. What ever drink size you decide to go with say singles and doubles, set the doubles first. If you want triples then set the triples first.

The TurboSteam arm needs to be treated with respect. Make sure you turn it on before the drink, clean it right after and turn it on to flush out any remaining milk after you have wiped it off. Otherwise milk will dry on the probe and can cause havoc. Worse yet is if the milk dries in the actual tube. Then it can get extremely expensive if you are required to replace the arm. There are 2 o-rings on the TurboSteam arm. They will leak after a few months. Make sure you replace them every few months other wise the leak can fry the touch pad worse it can nuke the main cpu board. Its housed under the lid held in place by 4 screws.

lastly the M2 was designed to work with 200 - 220 - 240 Volts. Make sure you use a multi-meter to check your voltage. If you running less then 215 set it for 200. On the back side of the machine is a little panel with 2 black bolts. Remove them and you will see blue and black wire. Move the black wire to the proper setting. If your M2 is less then 6 months old and there is no panel on the back you do not need to worry. This is a new model that does not require a voltage setting. There is a power supply much like a computer is the newer versions and it pumps out 24V DC to all the valves.