Suppliers of good coffee??


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Jul 1, 2006

I will develop the site [URL removed by Moderator]. My intent is to "resell" coffee from quality roasters. I am looking for references.

All appreciated!


Nov 3, 2004
So, you've decided to start a new business, chosen your business model and given it a name (incidentally stepping all over a Kraft Foods trademark) but do not know the first thing about your product, customer or industry?

Is this really a smart move?


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Jul 22, 2006
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I would certainly consult with a TM lawyer before proceeding with the "last drop" bit.

Actually, no, I wouldn't need to consult with anybody at all. I just wouldn't go anywhere near that in the first place.

The TM/SM holder could run you ragged.


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Jul 30, 2006
Hi there & best luck on your new business.

I have a policy (posted in other message boards) that guides me in my assisstance with clients. Domain names are often too tricky, fancy, or cute.

I like to K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) and go with a straight and descriptive branding. Something that encompasses your business objective and allows endless play.

You are reselling coffee. Or call it being the middle man. Directly selling to the public from many suppliers.
What's wrong with a domain, "Coffee____" for starters
And then, since you don't say, but beans come from everywhere around the world.... "World____"
And you supply these..... "Supply"
You then have "CoffeeWorldSupply" dot com.
Or (I like this better) World Coffee Supply

My usual example is that, what if I told you about a company's url: [edited by Moderator]

You would know it is a company in Maui (eeee....someplace in Hawaii).... and that means Kona Beans! Very simple and direct. A person does not have to think too hard ..... as it's a natural language that people already have pictured in their heads when they hear it.

If there is a problem with the name... you can always add
World-Coffee-Supply or World Coffee Supplier

Just my opinion.


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Nov 5, 2005
ValueClique said:
I would certainly consult with a TM lawyer before proceeding with the "last drop" bit.

Actually, no, I wouldn't need to consult with anybody at all. I just wouldn't go anywhere near that in the first place.

The TM/SM holder could run you ragged.

Are you speaking from experience or expressing an opinion? I find this to
be an interesting position. As far as I am concerned, as long as the
domain name is available I seriuosly doubt any one can do any thing
about it. Except maybe offer to buy the domain from you.
Besides, isn't the phrase "good to the last drop"
On Trademarks...

I used to work with a subidiary of HJ Heinz and there was a legal team half of which was dedicated to trademark issues. They chased down everything that was close to the company's brand, logo and/or campaign language. Those lawyers were highly caffeinated and aggressive. They loved stomping on little entrepreneurs who thought they were under the radar. It was like watching an 8 year old playing on a sunny day with a magnifying glass and an ant hill.

I'll bet Kraft has a busload of laywers like that. For better or for worse the only time a busload of lawyers is at the bottom of the ocean is in a joke.

There might not be an issue. There was a trademark case in 1990 between Northrop, makers of hte B-2 Bomber and Stealth Condoms.

Abstract: The Northrop Corp. has taken offense at Texas entrepreneur John Hughes' Stealth Condoms--these safe sex packets are shaped like the Stealth bomber and come in red, white, and blue groups of three for $5. Northrop Corp. has taken legal action opposing Hughes' application for a trademark for Stealth Condoms, alleging that the name of the condom may cause confusion in the marketplace and that the Stealth Condom slogan could bring the military hardware manufacturer and its products "into disrepute." The slogan is "They'll Never See You Coming." Hughes says he will fight Northrop's attempts to keep him from marketing his product because "We offer a heck of a lot more protection than the Stealth bomber, at a lot less cost."

The judge threw out the complaint because the was no chance that anyone would mistake a $1.75 condom for a $2 billion aircraft.

But you're not talking about products as different as condoms and undetectable long range bombers. If you go for it, expect a nice cease and desist letter through registered mail. If you ignore it, your ISP might shut you down anyway because they would have been served, too. If that happens, every dime you've invested in your brand goes down the toilet. That is one of the rosier outcomes.

If you and your ISP ignore or you jump to another host, they will warn you again or perhaps just file suit and take you to court. Expect 5 figures of legal fees to start. If you are really stubborn and fight, they won't back down. You can expect to pay up to 6 or 7 figures in legal fees. Even if there is a legal precent on your side, if you go get on Krafts radar, expect to suffer and pay. They could just bleed you dry before it ever gets to court.

Doesn't that sound like fun?

Tell you what. Go for it. I love David and Goliath stories. A wonderful littel start-up doing battle with a $34 billion company. Great drama.

A year from now tell us what happened...


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Aug 6, 2006
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King Cafe's Websit


I have several thoughts regarding this thread.

I think Black Java has a valid point. A domain name isn't under the TM/TR jurisdiction of the law. I know this because I'm in Technology. People made millions of dollars snapping up domain names of commonly known companies and then selling the url to them. It was messy and the lawyers didn't like it, but it was perfectly legal.


I've seen a couple of your posts. You give good advise. Are you a developer?

King Cafe-

Pretty crafty little website. Are you making decent money off of it yet? You don't have to sell a thing with your set up, do you? I have no doubt you are not at all interested in coffee. There's not really anything wrong with that, I guess. But overall the website is clean, plenty of white space and has a guhzillion links with an advertising (ka-ching!) section on bottom. Nice work. I'd be interested in your success rate.

Please know that I'm not slamming you at all. I'm simply admiring your work.

As for me, I'm new to this forum. I love coffee - I live for it! I'm looking to get into the coffee business on some level. Just beginning the research. It's my hope to start out small with a cart or two, later a drive-thru, and someday a real shop. Because I'm a propeller head at heart, I knew I wanted to involve a website in whatever I do with this little hair-brained idea I have. Hence, I'm on this forum!

Any words of wisdom would be appreciated :)



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Aug 6, 2006
Topeka, Kansas
King Cafe-

That is if you ever come back on this forum. You're not getting any hits on your site are you? I think you may have forgotten to do the required home work on SEO theory, didn't you? Just checking...