Survey help!


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Nov 18, 2015
Hey there, I'm doing some market research for an entrepreneurship class that I'm taking and would love some help with it. I'm a coffee enthusiast as well, so I decided to create a business that involved both coffee and craft beer. This is just for a class and your responses will not be sent to anyone else, it is strictly for collecting data.

If you don't mind taking just 3 minutes to complete this survey I would really appreciate it.

The company is a pretend brick and mortar store that sells coffee and craft beer. We sell both of these products at a premium price in Portland, Oregon. The environment in the store is one that is relaxed but provides wifi, live entertainment, a wide variety of beverages, clean, has high quality customer service, and strives to educate customers on various food and beverage pairings.

Thanks for the help!



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Feb 28, 2008
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Ensoluna (Alex) commented on your other survey post, but I accidentally deleted it when I tried to move it to this thread.

To summarize his comments and include my thoughts too .....

The survey that you're asking us to complete can't be completed, because a person would have to experience the business and the products that you're pretending to offer. This would be a good sample survey for the future. For now, we really can't help you much without making up answers, which would be a waste of our time.