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Sep 13, 2003
Hello all

what would be the proper tamper size to use in a portafilter from a pasguini livia 90 semi... they give you this cheap plastic one and being new to the espresso world one of the keys to good espresso is the tampering process..... does the tamper have to fit totally flush inside the portafilter? The one they give you doesn't..



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Mar 25, 2003
New Jersey
You know - I was sorta wondering that too! I still pack mine in with the plasic thingy, but it packs the middle deeper than the sides. So someone go ahead and respond! :grin:


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Sep 25, 2003
Syracuse NY
You need a 58mm tamper. The cheap plastic ones are totally worthless and should be discarded. Low end for a decent tamper is the heavy machined aluminum in $22-$28 range or machined steel for a few $ more. Generic rosewood handle with steel base is about $28 to $30 from folks like Chris Coffee Service and 1st Line. The generic is a knock off of ther big daddy - the Reg Barber tamper. They're gorgeous - nicely finished wood handle and polished machined stainless steel base. Available in convex or flat bottom styles. If you're into the aesthetic of turned wood.... Les over at Thor Tamper makes really gorgeous turned wood tampers - pricey but nice to have.


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Jan 26, 2004
Brooklyn Center, MN

Thanks so much for the info re: the best/proper tamper to use. I have recently purchased a Rancilo S24 and after numerous trials with the cheap little plastic deal they sent w/the machine, I wonder if that is the (main) reason that I am still unable to achieve the "syrup-like" consistancy and dense crema for my espressos. I even had the coffee ground to a turkish grind and the water runs a 2oz serving in under 13 seconds! I'll certainly make the investment into the best of the best tampers...coffee is my life.