Technivorm KB 741 Thermo Question


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Dec 2, 2004
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Just purchased a KB 741 for my mom for christmas. Like the coffee maker, but have a question. SHe make her pot of coffee. After about 1 hour I went in and thought I would fix me a cup of coffee. I unscrewed the cap and poured my cup. It was just warm, not even hot. I poured the rest out of the thermos and then ran just water through it and let it sit. It is getting the water plenty hot. It is just the thermos is not keeping it hot very long, not as hot as I thought it would. Does anyone know if a better thermos like a Nissan or some other brand would do better. If so would it be possible to find one that would fit under the technivorm and could brew directly into it?


thermo pots

I found that making coffee and then pouring it into my Thermos Brand Pump Pot keeps a pot of coffee hot/warm up to about 6 hours. I drink it at my desk for hours and it still tastes fine.