Thai Premium Arabica Green Coffee For Sale


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Jun 23, 2014
Bangkok, Thailand
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We are a newly established company based in Bangkok, Thailand for single source speciality green coffee. Our company name is Tukgae Exports (by,ltd.). We are specialising in the export of the finest Thai arabica coffee beans from the northern regions of Thailand. Specifically from Doi Saket (Saket mountain). Our aim is to both improve the lives of the farmers in the region whilst also improving upon and giving Thai coffee the international exposure that it deserves. Our coffee is shade–grown locally in the region at 1300 metres (4265 feet) of altitude.

Our farmers have a real penchant for quality beans and they grow a 100% organic, premium, grade AA, shade-grown Catimor Arabica bean. It is dry processed and has a unique, smooth, earthy taste with a sweet aroma and we believe can be a firm favourite among coffee enthusiasts.Currently we have 4-5 metric tonnes on hand and are looking for buyers. If you are interested then please do not hesitate to contact me for more information and samples.

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Tukgae Exports
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