The best espresso maker and other misc advice...


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Aug 19, 2005
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OK lets get to it!

The Only Way To Make Espresso At Home
Many people on this fourm want a good Espresso maker, something in the 100-250 dollar rage. Lets Clear Something Up Right Now... You need to spend money on an espresso maker try 600-1000.

I would reccomend the Rancillo Silvia for the affectionado who wants the finest coffee. There is another option for those who want pretty good espress without all the work, but ill get to that later.

Other Options
Now If you can not afford to spend so much you have one of two options... A) Spend the money to buy from Starbucks every morning. or B) Drink foldgers because you dont care enough to drink good coffee. Seriously.

A Crime Most At Home Espresso Brewers Are Making
Now on to other pressing questions of the day. How about hard water problems in espresso makers? Here is Another MUST DO for espresso machines...

You need to use distilled water in the resovoir because any other type will BREAK YOUR MACHINE! How you ask? The little particles suspended in your tap(even filtered) water crystalize on the sides of the bolier inside your machine when you heat the water up. Eventually after many uses the crystals build up and block the openings to and from your boiler. No water in or out of the boiler means no coffee. USE DISTILLED WATER!

The Truth About Drip Coffee Makers
I saw a few posts asking about drip coffee makers and they raise a good point. Dp you need an expensive one for good coffee? Unlike Espresso machines when it comes to drip coffee the answer is NO.

All the machines does is strain water through your coffee. The most important fact in drip coffee, believe it or not, is the coarseness of the grind.(Actualyl that applies to espreso too, but that is a lesson for another day)

The coarser the grind the less surface area the water has to extract the oils from the coffee. If the grind is too fine, the water will extract too much of the coffee bean's oils and your coffee will become bitter.

Another factor is how long the water comes in contact with the beans, but the you don't notice the effect with drip coffee(as opposed to espresso where you not only have to worray about grind, but the pressure at which you tamp and temperature of the water, for the above reason. Now can you see why you need to spend more on a good espresso machine? LOL)

The Solution
Invest in a good grinder if anything because then you will be able to precisely control the grind to your preference. If you are going to pay for a feature on your drip coffee maker it should be a timer so you coffee can be ready when you wake up. LOL

An Aside For The Guy With The Roaster Biz
Get a few more accounts. Take Deposits(or take Bigger deposits) They will agree to your terms as long as you keep a straight face. Im dead serious.

The Solution For Lazy People Who Want To Spend Money For Good Coffee At Home (as promised from above)
Starbucks used to sell a machine that makes good coffee, but is also automatic. What I mean by automatic is that it takes the 'work' out of making espresso. It grinds it, stuffs the nozzle, tamps it down, pours the shot, and discards the waste coffee grinds all at the touch of ONE button.

A friend of mine who works at Starbucks has raved about them for so long he convinced me to get one... Unfortunately he has fallen on some hard times and needs to sell his machine - Now I know posting the link might ruffle some feathers here but check out his auction just to see the features on this thing... I think it would suit many of the readers of this board. If the idea of a shameless bribe rubs you the wrong way, I can respect that - and if that is the case I ask you to look at the features and do the best you can to ignore the fact that that particular model is up for bid.

I hope this helps some of you,