The Cause of Baldness



I discovered the CAUSE of baldness in April of 1996 when my head looked like a Bowling Ball. I've regrown more than 60 percent of my hair in the last 7 years. THERE'S NOTHING TO BUY. The CAUSE of baldness is acid in soap and shampoo. Just change the way you cleanse your hair and scalp with your present shampoo.

My family finally believed me early last year, 2002. Like most, they had thought "male pattern baldness" and "hereditary baldness" were true. No more. Now, they're regrowing their hair by minimizing shampoo usage.

Read a very thorough examination of the subject at That is NOT proof but a suggested formal Test at Colleges could easily be done, repeated several times, and published in Scientific Journals. That would result in further independent testing.

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