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Jul 24, 2020
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I suspect that most of you, reading this post, snort to your breath - that's a big deal for me too. America has not been discovered. Because honey can sweeten anything, even coffee. But assuming that maybe not everyone knows about it ... today there will be a recipe where coffee with honey plays the first fiddle.
wednesday with coffee

Sweetened coffee ...
it's a profanation for me. Forgive me, but when I see someone sweeten a regular cappuccino with three teaspoons of sugar, or melt sweet pralines in it while eating a sweet cake, I have a sugar combo. And I wonder if it will still find the true flavor of coffee in this infusion. An old friend of mine used to sweeten 5 teaspoons, stubbornly claiming that the sweetness killed the bitterness of coffee. This sweetness destroyed all flavors and… health.

Sugar itself is not bad. However, in excess, it is harmful and everyone knows it, even a small child. Taking a closer look at the compositions of more or less processed products that land on our table every day, we come to an interesting conclusion - that sugar is everywhere! So let's not add it to the coffee just yet ...

Coffee with honey ...
is an alternative for all those who cannot live without sweet coffee. But also for those who seek new flavors. Because, as you know, honey has different varieties and flavors that gently pass into the substance in which it dissolves. So it adds not only sweetness to the brew, but also ... character ...

For all honey sweeteners, I have one more little note. Actually two - first - honey is sweeter than sugar, so let's add it carefully. Secondly, the fact that honey is healthier than sugar does not mean, however, that we can eat it with impunity. It has nutrients, yes, but ... be moderate;)

The recipe is simple ...
to make an infusion of coffee with honey you need a portion of hot coffee, frothed milk, half a teaspoon of honey, optionally spices such as cardamom or cinnamon.

Step 1 - heat up the mug / cup with coffee

Step 2 - prepare a strong coffee, about 150 ml, whether it is from the espresso machine, from a drip or from a coffee machine. (about how to make coffee from a coffee maker, see: coffee from a coffee maker step by step)

Step 3 - heat and slightly froth the milk - using a manual frother or coffee machine.

Step 4 - put half a teaspoon of your favorite honey at the bottom of a warm cup, then pour warm coffee - attention! if you want to preserve the nutritional value of honey, the coffee must not be hot. Then, add the frothed milk and sprinkle with your favorite spices - cinnamon, cardamom ...

Step 5 - mix and ... enjoy the taste.

The recipe given is a bit of a cappuccino with honey. However, if you prefer a coffee without milk, just skip it in making this coffee. I'm curious about your impressions - would she taste it? Or maybe, as I wrote in the introduction, I haven't discovered any America and you have been drinking such coffee for a long time?