The Mousse Palm Sugar of Coffee


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Sep 8, 2008
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:grin:The Mousse Palm Sugar of Coffee

For the coffee lovers anything the serving kind that used the coffee material must be liked. This one menu be different from that was other – The mousse palm sugar of coffee. One of the feeling generators of his comfort, because of using the addition of the secret spice that is palm sugar.

The material:
300 ml water
1 ½ the tablespoon of coffee instant
200 ml palm sugar liquid
1 ½ the tablespoon of maizena flour and 2 tablespoon water, dissolved to emultion
4 sheets of gelatin, soaked cold water, to dry
100 gram powder cream
200 ml ice water

The decoration material:
Shook cream
wafer stick

The instruction:
1.Cook water until boiled. Put coffee instant. Stirred until protracted
2.Put in liquid palm sugar. Stirred until level. Thickened with the solution to maizena flour. Cooked until boiled
3. Put in gelatin. Stirred until protracted. Separated with the other material and let cool
4.Shook powdered cream and ice water until expanded. Put instant coffee slow while being stirred slow too
5.Put in small glasses. Froze. Served with the cream syringe shook and wafer the stick for the decoration.
(source : Tabloid Nova)