The new Behmor 1600


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Apr 19, 2007
Stevenson, Washington
I was lucky enough to see the official unveiling of the first approved Behmor 1600 table top home coffee roaster at the PNWG V.
Joe the designer/engineer behind this sweet unit said that the only market hold up now is pretty much the shipping time. Full production in China will begin soon. He (JoeB) gave me permission to share with all coffee forums this pre-sale information. Forgive me (Joe) if I make a mistake with this information but if my memory suits me well at this moment this is how he explained his marketing or the marketing plan for this new roaster.
Marketing will fork in two directions. One will be Corporate and the other he will have full control of. JoeB will release machines to sellers that he alone approves to sell his roaster. His name will be on these machines so he will be very critical how this roaster is marketed. I completely understand his approach here. JoeB gave several demonstrations and spoke in depth on the use and technical specs of his product. Several batches of coffee were roasted on the Behmor all with great success. When I arrived the sweet smell of coca was in the air. There was a test batch of coca on the machine by AlChemist John. John got to take this unit home after the show last night to further test with Coca and Coffee. John said if anyone has questions regarding the use or performance of this machine he would be glad to answer them. John The Alchemist''s email address is: [email protected] , I''m sure John would be happy to offer up his \"official\" opinion of this roaster as well. This information will be posted on several forms today to make sure everyone has as current information (as I can remember) on the Behmor 1600. I personally am anxious to own one of these units. The idea of an afterburner built in to a kitchen table top unit that actually works is great.
I saw it work without any glitches last night.
Happy Roasting.


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Jun 18, 2011
Boca Raton, FL
Behmor hinted at a new product unveiling at the 2014 SCAA in Seattle. Roaster? Grinder? ???
hmm well they made the Brazen, they have the Behmor 1600, so no grinder... but for some reason I doubt it'd be a grinder, most likely a new roaster? Guess we'll see lol