The Tim Hortons Iced Capp with Milk vs. Creme

I saw in a magazine that I could shave 100 calories off the Iced Capp if I ordered an Iced Capp with milk and not creme. When I got it... yuck! The brown stuff which is the coffee and Ice is 95%, and the milk is 5%. Has anyone tried this and gotten the same bitter and dark Iced Capp.
Hello VentiVanillaLatte,

Yes, you can shave lots of calories off of your coffee drink just by changing your milk selection. If you have been used to getting it with cream or half and half, then you'll definitely taste the difference if you order your drink made with whole milk, 2% milk, or non-fat milk.

Where did you buy the Iced Capp with milk? Was it Starbucks?? Are you sure it was made right???

I've read that when you ask for "milk," Starbucks is now using 2% milk unless you specifically ask for whole milk.

You must have expected to have a difference in taste when you changed your drink order. Nornallly, it shouldn't have been a big surprise, but I imagine that you may have gotten quite a shock if you were used to cream or half and half and then you tasted your Iced Capp made with 2% milk.

It's easy to see how the espresso (coffee) in the drink would be stronger tasting than what you're used to. When you reduce the fat content in the milk selection, you're coffee drink is going to taste more "watered down" and the coffee taste will be more dominant.

The fact is....either you get used to your coffee drinks tasting "different" when you try to cut down on the calories, or you continue to enjoy your regular drink the way you like it and do something else to cut back on calories. For example, if you eat one less cookie a day, you would be cutting back on at least 100 calories. That way you could enjoy your Iced Capp and not have to worry about wanting to spit it out after the first sip.

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Thanks for your reply, Rose.

I ordered this from Tim Hortons. Of course I expected a difference in taste, but this is near black in some parts. Iced Capp at Tim Hortons tends to be made out of the shot of milk/creme/chocolate milk, and then the paste which has the ice and coffee in it. The ice paste is dark brown, and the milk was white. It was much more bitter.

I asked the person for milk, I'm not sure if Tim Horton's puts in whole milk or whatever. I'm pretty sure it wasn't made right, it's as if they didn't put any dairy in there and only used the dark coffee and ice paste.

I'm not sure if you live in Canada, but "Iced Capp" usually means a Tim Hortons one. Chiller would be for second cup, and Ice Coffee I think would be for Starbucks. :)

I should have taken a look at your profile to see where you're located.
Since I don't live in Canada, I'm not familiar with the Tim Horton's way of making coffee drinks.

When I read that your screen name is VentiVanillaLatte, I just figured you were into the Starbucks coffee quisine.

I hope the next time you try to get an Iced Capp, they'll make it the way you like it.