Thinking about opening a coffee shop? here are the real #s


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Sep 27, 2005
Keller, TX
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Here is what I know.

Starbucks profit margin on each cup is 600%

Bottled Frappuccino make $95 million a year nation wide

They sell 40K cup a day nation wide

So bottom line is, the best way to win, is to attack.
Like a game, no score if you keep playing defense.

Go open in the right area, having the right knowledge, you should win.

The difference between the succefull business man, and others is he went for it, the right way, most of the time, BUT, also a lot went for it, then the market lead them to the right way.

If you think those numbers are engraved on rocks, never do it.

BUT, always keep in mind that, tomorrow will bring more.

Pour your heart into it, it should be rewarding.

The best winning strategy these days, if you can, open more than one place in the same time, under the same name. No enough money?

Well, look for another 6 people who would like to do the same, each do it on his own, under one name ( Trade Mark ) this way it will quadruble your
sales right away as your name will be all over.

Good Luck...............don't get scared.

And yes, buying the property is a win win situation, wish I can do it.


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Oct 9, 2015
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Alot of what Insomniacs_Coffee_House said is true, however, the average coffee shop sells closer to 200 cups a day. Starbucks averages close to 60 per hour. If you are selling less than 10 cups per hour, you do not need employees. Run it alone and save $9000 per month. Your profit would be close to $5,000 a month selling 100 cups a day without employees. Now, unless you are only selling coffee, more than 30% of your customers should be making an additional purchase. Bagels, muffins, sandwhiches, or whatever else you are serving as a food item. I have an average margin of $1.25 on my food items.

200 x 3 = $600

$1.25 x 60 = $75

$675 x 30 = $20,250

$20,250 - $14,000 = $6,250 per month

This is a $75,000 a year business.


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Mar 7, 2017
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Hi There. As an investor/entrepreneur i am seriously looking into this. Not as a coffee shop thing, but more as a real estate deal. Several locations, with controlled costs
I have been looking through numbers. We have a couple of outliars here in Portugal. The majority do not do well.usually mom&shop things. The ones that do well have a proper structure in place. I would like to hear your thoughts.