Why did you open your coffee shop?


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Aug 13, 2018
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This site and all the forums are amazing for those of us who are deciding to take the plunge and open a coffee shop! I am just curious from the new to the seasoned owners, what was your decision behind opening? For me, it is part dream, part insanity and part love. I am realistic in the fact I will probably not become wealthy..however much I dare to dream, at least for now my hope will be to stay afloat. I just love the concept of coffee shops, the intimacy with customers, the relationships that are born. I love coffee..a no brainer of course, love the fact that I can be my own boss and will have no one to thank or blame but myself should I fail or succeed.

I have had the pleasure of working in some great coffee houses, and out of the jobs in my life have always felt the heart warm when I went to work as a barista. I am older, wiser?..who knows, but have seen my fair share of risk, success and failure in my life. I can't say that coffee is a love or passion, however I cannot live without it, and I feel that coffee is just the product, but owning the shop brings with it so much more, you must love people and hard work, be passionate about busy days as well as slow. I guess I am opening this shop because all of the warm fuzzy feelings that are centered around the coffee culture. It really is no different from a bar or restaurant venue, you have to love the industry your in to make it your 24/7 job.

So in deciding to be a small business owner, what made you choose coffee?
I don't have my own coffee shop yet, but I have ever dreamed of opening one. I love brewing coffee for my friends. I hope that I would share it with other coffee lovers, but I am not sure whether my dream would only be a dream. Hope you guys make it.
I don't have my coffee shop either yet. However, I did start roasting coffee about a year ago and building the business one step at a time with the dream to own a coffee shop one day. The reason? Coffee is something I've been passionate about for a long time. I love seeing people get together over a cup of coffee to bond and enjoy this hot beverage.
I wanted to have my own business be my own boss and provide something amazing to customers, gave them that feeling we know each other for ages.
We started our coffee shop as an off-shoot of a nonprofit we started. We live in a relatively small city (20k) that has always been very fragmented along cultural lines. Our nonprofit was started as a way to hold events that purposely bring different cultures together. A coffee shop just seemed to be a natural extension. We've been running for almost seven years.

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