Thinner shots after Gaggia Classic PID


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Jun 17, 2021
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I recently made added the Auber PID to my 2015 Gaggia Classic. I also (a) replaced the original aluminum shower plate with a stainless one, (b) replaced the stock gasket with a silicone one, and (c) replaced the original shower screen with a IMS nanotech screen.

After taking these steps, my shots are not as thick as they used to be. I still get good crema, but they are noticeably "thinner" in composition (using the same coffee, grind size, etc.). I have tried varying the coffee (always fresh), grind size (Mazer Mini grinder), and timing, but nothing seems to produce the thicker shots I used to get.

Would the Auber PID and/or any of the new parts contribute to thinner shots, or could it be something else (e.g., pressure issues)? Any advice you might have would be much appreciated.

Thank you!



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Aug 15, 2005
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Likely the PID has nothing to do with it, but those 'upgrade' parts certainly could be to blame. The flow through the new dispersion disc and screen might differ quite a bit compared to the stock configuration. I have read of many that changed to the 'latest/greatest' dispersion disc (steel or brass) having issues due to the change in the holes (size, number, even location). Anytime the flow rate is altered it can indeed show up in the end result.