To freeze or not to freeze

My husband and I go back and forth in regards to freezing our coffee. We drink it daily but we''re not experts so I thought I''d find some people who are and ask... LOL. Should we be putting our coffee in the freezer or not? And if not what''s the best way to store coffee and not ruin the flavor? Thanks everyone.



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Aug 11, 2004
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Freezing coffee should only be done if you know for a fact that there is going to be no way for you to purchase more coffee in months. Freezing will slow down the coffee from going stale but also takes it own toll by freeze drying your coffee's natural oils and wicking them away. If you have to freeze it once you thaw out the bag don't put it back into the freezer again.

The best way to keep your coffee fresh is in an airtight container stored on a shelf in your cabinet away from light, heat, and since it is in an air tight container you don't have to worry about the smells tainting the coffee. Still I would store it in a cabinet away from all the spices anyway.

Then the best way of them all to keep fresh coffee around is to find a local roaster and only buy enough coffee to make it a week, two at the max. This way your always drinking fresh coffee vs some thing you bought at the grocery store and has been in the bag for half a year.
Wow, thanks ccafe. Great info. We buy the big honkin bag at the store and then make one pot every day so the bag lasts us for months...and months...I never thought about buying smaller so it tastes better...I think we'll go that route and put it in the cabinet from now on. Thanks again.