Tony says hi from LA


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May 18, 2009
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Hi everybody. So I've been lurking here a bunch the past few weeks. What a fantastic site to browse and use as a resource. I figure I should write something finally.

I guess I got interested in coffee when I took a job at Starbucks about 3 years ago. I only worked there for about 3 months and the whole time I didn't really like coffee. Once I left I soon developed a real taste for coffee. I came to realize I actually love coffee, just not Starbucks coffee! Since then I have procured a whole kitchen cabinet full of coffee tools, supplies, etc. I got an espresso machine for my wedding last year which has only made things worse. Oh yeah and I work right down the street from Intelligentsia which really doesn't help the situation.

Anyways, I love coffee and I've been trying to learn everything I possibly can about it. I want to know all the ins and outs, but that's pretty tough since there is so much to learn! But I'm trying. I also have an entrepreneurial streak so I would really like to open up a shop at some point (despite my best efforts to convince myself it's way too much work!)

I'm trying to relocate to Pittsburgh this summer so if anyone knows of any jobs in the coffee industry (roasting, sales, behind the counter) please let me know. And actually in any industry, for that matter. But I would really love to work in the coffee world.

I'll try to post more often here. I just have such a hard time when most seem to know much more the I do about all of this. Thanks for all your advice!


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Feb 28, 2008
Near Philadelphia, PA
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Hello Tony "manmademound"

Welcome to the Coffee Forums. As you've already discovered, you can certainly find lots of useful and sometimes entertaining information here. We hope you will visit often!