Traffic Flow Counts


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Aug 1, 2009
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I'll give this sub-forum a try...

Hello, and thank you for hosting this forum! It's provided a wealth of information already.

My question regards traffic flow counts. I've seen on this forum that the idea is to estimate that you will sell to .5%-1% of the traffic that goes by your business. Does this estmate includes both directions of travel? I have my local traffic flow map but it doesn't seem to be very detailed. It only counts by a 24 hour period, and on some roads it doesn't have both directions. I have the three most traveled locations here (one of them being my preferred location) and was hoping for any advice you guys could give.

Option 1-20,000 total
Option 2-27,500 total
Option 3 (preferred)-19,000 NB / 18,000 SB / 25,000 total

Now, I always round down when assuming profits, and I always round up when assuming costs. Hence the discrepancy for the total of option three. The NB and SB number were nearly spot on the 19 and 18 thousand mark.

As you can see, option one and two only have one number. Option three has North and Southbound. Is this something that I should be concerned about, and if so, should it be a big one? I would also like to know when you should move from the .5% assumption to the 1% assumption. That's twice as much! What are the factors that determine the best estimate? Thank you for you time!

EDIT-And I am having trouble finding distributors of beans... A lot of the links I have found seem to be broken and/or out of date. Any suggestions?