Travel machine that heats water as well as brews?


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Apr 27, 2009
Hi All,
I'm new here, so I'll apologize ahead of time if I don't follow any of your board's customs. If I do, it's out of ignorance, not disrespect.

I'm looking for a small travel machine to take on a trip in a month to help feed my daily double-shot habit. I'll be in a small town and can't rely on local coffee shops. The hotel does not appear to provide a way to heat water, so I need a machine that can heat the water as well as brew the coffee. I'll definitely have access to electrical outlets. I don't need a perfect cup, but I want to end up with something closer to espresso than to "normal American" coffee.

I've seen several travel french presses, and I saw a post on this forum (viewtopic.php?f=14&t=8349&p=36839&hilit=travel#p36839) for a hand-press that looked very portable (and very cool), but both required something else to heat the water.

Can anyone recommend a product to me?

Thanks in advance!


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Apr 27, 2009
Stove top espresso would be the most portable, but again you have the need for a stove/burner. You could also use a french press combined with a plug-in hot water pot.

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