Tre Spade Manual Burr Grinders-Anyone?


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Jun 11, 2006
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Lika deez.

I have a Gaggia Factory (essentially a La Pavoni Professional) manual lever machine. I love the routine and result. I usually have good luck with pre ground Illy, Lavazza, Kimbo, etc....but would like to start grinding my own.

Now I'd love to get a manual burr grinder. The Zassenhaus looks pretty good-but difficult to find right now. I've also considered those brass Turkish grinders. Then I stumbled on the Tre Spade. I am familiar with their sausage fillers and meat mincers and my MIL has a tomatoe squeezer from them. My impression is that they are extremely durable and high quality.

Anyboody here own one? Any thoughts? Finally-I've had no luck at all finding a seller on the web. No response yet from Tre Spade (FACEM) either. Anyone ever run across one for sale?