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Jul 15, 2009
Jakarta, Indonesia
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Hi all,

I am in the market looking for a 10 kg or 15 kg roaster and we come across several quotations.
From your experiences/knowledge in coffee roasting, any pro/cons for GARANTI roaster and HAS GARANTI roaster?

I don't know what your choices are in that part of the world. Check Aliibaba.com You might want to contact Moderator- Alun Evans. He has been roasting in your neck of the woods for some time now.
awww...pm defeats the purpose of a public forum Alun! :?

These two companies are not the same, but are headquartered in the same city in Turkey (Izmir) and have some overlapping history together.

Their production processes are basically the same, and I can tell you that Garanti Degirmen has started shipping roasters complete with power and controls for target companies. In the past, it was incumbent on the importer to finish these steps based on local specs.

Coffee roasters are like everything else - you get what you pay for. The trick is to get the most bang for the buck. Buying direct from the manufacturer in Turkey gives you a distinct cost advantage over domestic roasters, mostly because of the savings in labor costs. The craftsmanship in the metal work from Turkey is impossible to duplicate in the U.S.

The biggest potential problem might be in after sales service, although there are independent roaster service companies that do a fine job. If you clean and maintain your roaster - any roaster - it should last for many years.

The folks at Garanti Degrimen have been very pleasant and professional to deal with. I was moving my company into roaster imports before the economy collapsed. I'm just now revisiting that with an eye to shipping in my first roasters in early 2010. At present I have no bias toward any manufacturer - I personally have a Deidrich roaster but have owned Ambex roasters in the past. I also had a Sonofresco roaster just for fun - wow what a waste of money THAT was!

But...if you REALLY want my opinion you should PM me! :wink: