Two great tips from the Pros at CoffeeFest!



This past weekend I was at CoffeeFest in Chicago. Being a new coffee business owner and a newbie to this event, I managed to somehow win a spot at a dinner table with 7 high powered coffee execs at a great restaurant Saturday night!

They told me two hot tips that I had to share with coffee shop owners, since I am not in that end of the coffee biz. A shame to waste the info on me!

First of all, if you are busy in your shop and you try to save time by pre loading your coffee makers with ground coffee so you can just pour in hot water and make the next pot... DON'T!!. The steam from the coffee maker actually roasts the coffee while it is sitting there, burning the coffee and making it bitter. Their second suggestion actually solves this problem and another as well.

One of the curses of the coffee service business is the damn filters and how they stick together!! Fumbling with them makes wait staff nuts apparently. The coffee mavens suggest layering them at angles to each other, like leaves, filled with coffee, ready to go (hope I am explaining that right). They will stay fresh, be ready fast and no fumbling necessary.

Hope this is helpful.