Two Machines, Coffee Taste is Different?


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Dec 22, 2019
We use a Jamaican Blend, processing the beans with a burr grinder. The grinder processes the same amount of beans each time with the same grind setting. We have been using a simple Mr. Coffee machine and have liked the taste of our coffee.

Now we have the Keurig Duo. When making a carafe of coffee using the same beans, in the same volume and grind, and the same number of cups as with the Mr. Coffee, the coffee tastes very different. I would go so far as to say totally different - milder and not nearly as robust. Maybe not even the same taste at all. We’ve run several batches but no change. Why could this be? Thoughts are really appreciated.


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Feb 28, 2008
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Does the coffee seem hotter when you make it with the Keurig Duo than it did with the Mr. Coffee machine?

You may need to do some experimenting in order to adjust the amount of coffee that you're using. Hopefully, you can tweak your coffee/water formula so you can get it to come close to what you've been used to.

You're not alone in discovering the difference in taste. I recall reading several posts over the years from people who used a Mr. Coffee machine for a long time, and then switched to a different machine. They can never get the coffee to come out to taste the same as it did with the Mr. Coffee machine. I hope you have better luck with making the switch, and at the very least, that you find a new coffee/water ratio that you like.

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Jan 10, 2017
Did you happen to change filters?

Roes and Musicphan are correct, when I went from a Mr. Coffee to a Bunn Phase Brew it took a few batches to get it right and I believe it was because the Bunn was putting out hotter water.

If it's weaker I would try gringing a little finer first, if that don't work then increase the ratio of coffee to water a little at a time.
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Dec 22, 2019
Thank everyone for your replies. This morning I ground 8 cups to make 6 cups. That did the trick. So we’re back to all things being good. Next will be using a K cup to see how that tastes. Thanks again and Merry Christmas to everyone.

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